Movies I’d Like to Live In

Movies I’d like to live in and reasons why:

Pride & Prejudice


  • Mr Darcy
  • Chatsworth House  –  the most beautiful country home
  • Mr Darcy walking through the mist
  • Simple romance with hidden depths of passion
  • Mr Darcy
  • The dressing up in a gown for a ball – not a pair of jeans in sight!
  • …  did I mention Mr Darcy?

Mr Darcy

It’s Complicated



  • Her home is beautiful
  • She owns a very yummy bakery/coffee shop
  • I seriously crave her garden
  • Triumph over the ex husband and his lithe young wife


it's complicated garden






Something’s Gotta Give


  • The beach house is gorgeous
  • She’s a successful writer
  • The men – Keanu Reeves, Jack Nicholson, Paul Michael Glaser
  • The local deli & organic market
  • Triumph over the ‘pretty young things’ – oh there’s a pattern forming here …





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