The Wonder of White

My bed is my haven, my soft place to fall, a refuge from the craziness of the day.  It is covered in crisp white bedding, a soft pale grey throw for cooler nights and billowy pillows.  I’ve tried to create calm and tranquillity.

Having long been a fan of The White Company I was delighted to find they were opening a new branch in Meadowhall shopping centre – and today was launch day.

image by Deb Fletcher
image by Deb Fletcher
image by Deb Fletcher
image by Deb Fletcher


A group of us gathered outside, noses pressed against the window like kids at a sweet shop.  Between us we had ‘bought’ the entire contents even before the doors had opened.  We chattered to each other about why we love the products – quality,  great design, simple lines, a lifestyle we craved – Country/Beach/Outdoors.




The staff looked as excited as we did and once the doors opened in we went with much oooing and ahhhing, a glass of champagne in one hand and a shopping basket in the other – a dangerous combination!!  As the scent of Sea Salt candles filled the air we drifted off around the store bumping in to each other from time to time too busy looking at mounds of soft fluffy towels and such like.  Paul and his team coped beautifully with what was by now a store full of very eager shoppers.  Even while stood in the queue waiting to pay people were still spotting new goodies they wanted to take home and the staff went off to collect things and bring them back to add to their baskets.

image by Deb Fletcher
image by Deb Fletcher

I saw this quote from their website which I felt said it all – “We don’t want our products to be saved for best. They may be luxuriously high quality, but they’re designed to be loved and used every day. We ensure everything we make is easy to look after and made to last”

Saving the best for now  x

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