Let them eat Kale

As a child I hated veg.  The memory of school dinners still haunts me – the aroma of limp cabbage and overcooked sprouts.  The dinner ladies would mix the veg in to the potatoes in a ploy to cover up the taste, nothing covers up the taste of turnip!

For the sake of my health and to find out what I’ve missed all these years I’ve taken up eating my greens (and a few other colours) but I get it in one hit and it’s then out of the way and done with.  I bought a juicer, well actually it’s a cross blender/juicer so you still get the bits – this makes all the difference they tell me!  I’m not refined when it comes to  ingredients, you can mix a multitude of combinations to cover all ‘nutritional needs’ but I just grab my stash out of the fridge and throw it all in for good luck and hope something amongst it will give me glowing skin and sparkly eyes. I also invested in some green powder from the local health shop (dear God the price!) which promised to make me perky as an Amazonian.  Someone out in deepest darkest Peru is making a fortune out of ground up something or other.


I usually have it in a morning after I’ve taken Harvey for a walk, he has his salmon & rice for sensitive dogs (!) and I have my green gunge – his looks more appealing and probably tastes better too.  I may swop him one morning although he doesn’t look too keen to try mine …

Anyway I feel rather smug once I’ve got it down and I’m getting use to the taste. I’m even growing my own spinach so bonus points I think! I once made the mistake of having it in the evening instead and didn’t sleep a wink. I really  must look and see what’s in the green powder,  I could have partied all night long – maybe I could re-coup some money by selling it in small plastic bags outside the local rave …

I have just come across a new product though that looked interesting –  healthy ice lollies.  I’m not sure if it’s available in the UK but they look more appealing than turnip in mashed potatoes.

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