Saving the Best for Now

There is an inspiring article by Sali Hughes called Saving the Best for Now.  It was printed in a magazine, I can’t remember which, but I cut it out and stuck it on the wall in my office as a reminder to NEVER save anything for ‘best’.

Now I have to confess that hanging in my wardrobe are 4 dresses that I saw some years ago and just had to buy because they were so beautiful …  I haven’t worn one. They hang like works of art reminding me of a life I don’t lead and a body that’s not worthy of their loveliness.  A dear friend passed away and when the time came to clear her belongings there were designer items still wrapped in pristine condition in her closets, exotic foodstuffs unopened and past their sell by dates in the kitchen …  why?

It runs much deeper than dresses and fancy food – why are we telling ourselves that today’s not the day, it’s not the right time, we don’t deserve it just yet – what has to happen for us to realise NOW is the only time we have, and if not now then when?  What else are we saving for a better time that may never come …

A couple of very nice people from JW called at my door today – out of politeness I listened to what they came to say.  They are also waiting for the right time, waiting for the cavalry coming over the hill, waiting for the day all will be revealed/cured/made peaceful.  What about now, what do we do in the meantime?  One of them tried a different scenario, he’s having a deck built in his garden (me too!), he can’t afford it yet (ditto) but this deck is going to give him great pleasure when it does finally arrive/get built. ” What are you doing meanwhile?” I asked him.  He’s wishing, and hoping, and dreaming of the day he will get to sit on that deck.  My deck is going around a very dilapidated old shed that is going to become my ‘retreat’.  Until it’s built I have a couple of chairs outside it where I sit, in the sunshine, with a glass of wine and think this is a great spot (deck or no deck). The concept of ‘having it now’ seemed lost on him as he was so much looking to the future as though this was the only place the good stuff could be found.  Whoever your God is I don’t think this was his/her vision, to keep you wishing and waiting for the good stuff.  It’s right in front of you NOW.


3 thoughts

  1. I once made a friend a mini book based on the thought that ‘your heart is the only thing worth saving for best’.

    I can’t say I always manage it but … I do at least try to get my ‘best’ dresses worn!

    Lovely post.

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    1. Thanks very much Julie. Your book was a lovely idea for your friend. I’m still waiting for that ‘special’ time to get the dresses out but who knows, maybe this Christmas ..


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