I have the mind chatter of an over active 4 year old.  This didn’t seem to impact my previous life but now, in my quest for a better life, I find it distracting and not very conducive to finding inner calm and peace.  I’m ashamed to say I tend to giggle inwardly in yoga class when we start with the ‘OMMMM’ and generally have left it to others while I just sit quietly biting my lip.  I’ve tried gazing at a candle flame, and while very lovely, it hasn’t generated the desired effect either.  Although it does create an ambience and is kind on the complexion…


With this in mind (along with the chattering 4 year old) I went looking for some ritual to help me find the ‘turn off’ button.  Ritual isn’t a word I’ve used much as it throws up connotations of strange, vaguely dark activities but I feel comfortable now to look upon it as more to do with forming healthier habits – practice makes perfect (or considerably improved).  While others have taken pilgrimages out to India and the Far East to become ‘immersed’ in the mysticism of meditation I have neither the inclination nor digestive system to cope for more than 5 minutes in such exotic climes.

As I had a leisurely stroll through the wonderful The Tig I found a link to guided meditation.  This sounded more like it, an outstretched hand with someone more knowledgeable at the end of it. The Chopra Center have a list of guides which you can work your way through, some resonate more than others but I think it depends on current life circumstances.

The 4 year old isn’t quite sure what to make of it so sits quietly bemused – result!

For now be calm, be kind, be grateful x

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