Nest in Style

“Some people look for spiritual inspiration in the most remote places … others find it in their homes”  Pagano

The Pagano family are Italian architects with a flair for designing homes which fit beautifully in to natural landscapes.

Some properties constructed from wood can look bulky and feel dark and closed in but Pagano keep it contemporary with clean lines and lots of light.

Below is a wonderful property at Simaginskoe Lake.  I love the open plan layout, the floor to ceiling use of glass – and the walk in closet is fabulous!


Lake Simaginskoe
Lake Simaginskoe

Pagano Ville Simaginskoe15  Pagano Ville Simaginskoe17

Pagano Ville Simaginskoe18

Pagano Ville Simaginskoe10

Pagano Ville Simaginskoe20

Pagano Ville Simaginskoe37

Pagano Ville Siminskoe24

Pagano Ville Simaginskoe27


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