The Humans

It’s an age when just about anything can be bought online.  Not a bad thing when it opens up a whole new range of possibilities to you that you might never have known about or otherwise found it impossible to access.

Some things though are more gratifying when you can visit a store where you can pick it up, turn it over in your hand, smell it, become attached to it.  One of those places for me is a book store.  Careers involving long hours with mundane documents didn’t encourage reading for leisure and what I did read wouldn’t come under the heading of ‘a classic’.  While others were reading up on Jane Austen for an English Lit exam, my early days were spent with James Bond and Modesty Blaise. I did then progress on to James A Michener which helped fuel a love to visit far away places.

My bookshelf is expanding though these days and here is a wonderful book I read recently:

The Humans by Matt Haig

The Humans by Matt Haig
The Humans by Matt Haig

I will hold up my hand and admit I bought this book because of the cover.  The picture on the front is exactly what Harvey my goldendoodle looks like when I let him in to the garden at night before going to bed.  He sits in the middle of the lawn, in the dark, and looks to the stars as if waiting for the mothership to come and pick him up.  I so wonder what is going through his mind …

Others will more eloquently give praise for this book but here goes.

An advanced alien nation becomes aware that on Earth (Cambridge, England to be precise) a brilliant mathematician has discovered something that could prove to be the end of their civilisation. Ok, with me so far?  If you have now tuned out thinking you need to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy this book come back, because this story will touch your heart.

It is funny, weird and in places will make you cry as the ‘being’ becomes sidetracked from his mission and more involved in human life.  It shows our human attachment to the ridiculous, the things we take for granted and that love is everything. It’s hard being a human, we make it hard for ourselves.  We care too much about what others think and have, we don’t listen to enough music (good music), we don’t appreciate enough the people who love us and give back to them.  The book shows us what an amazing and exquisite life we have, we just need to appreciate it.  And what it means to be home ..

There is a thought that we are all spiritual beings here to have a human experience rather than the other way around. Perhaps it’s true.

I hope you read this book and let me know your thoughts.


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