Back to School

School was a mystery to me,  each day brought some new version of Hell that I couldn’t get to grips with.  It was run by teachers who delighted in random acts of humiliation – I still break out in a cold sweat when I think of standing in front of my classmates having to recite my times table.


It was made worse by the fact my Mother was a teacher in the same school I attended so there was an element of expectation that I’d be fairly bright – sorry to disappoint.  If you watch The Big Bang Theory, I’m Sheldon’s Sister – dumb as soup!!  Frankly I’m not sure how I’ve got this far in life without Pythagoras and his theorem. I escaped as soon as I could and while my classmates went on to Uni, I started work as a travel agent (at last I found my niche).  Turns out I wasn’t as stupid as I’d been led to believe.





This week my old school held an open day.  It’s now an ‘academy’ which means someone gave them millions to spend so I thought I’d go see what they bought with my tax money.  As I walked in to this edifice of education it was obvious where my hard earned cash had gone – banks of Mac desktops lined every classroom and breakout area, 3 restaurants serving every variety of food (no hiding the turnip in the mashed potato here!), a theatre/dance studio, and a health club that was better equipped than the one I attend.

Damn, I wanted to go back to school!  How could you fail with all this to play with.  I’m ready to learn now, in fact I’m raring to go. What’s the saying ‘education is wasted on the young’…

I hope the present day kids attending this academy wring every last bit they can from it.  It’s a scarier place out here in the World than when I was at school but hopefully they will be better prepared for it.




One thought

  1. My old high-school is now a sports college apparently, which doesn’t surprise me because no matter how much someone struggled (and how much extra help they needed) they would be let out of class to go to practice. Dumb as soup lol See when you got out into the real world were you have to use a different kind of smarts you realised you weren’t dumb as you were made to believe. I love the poster at the bottom I’d saw it once before and I’d been trying to find it again.


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