Beautiful Bathing


A lovely bathroom is a delight at the best of times. A place to relax, filled with soft white towels and your favourite lotions and potions – and if you have a view thrown in as well you are guaranteed to linger until your toes turn crinkly.

Here’s a bit of inspiration …

bath view3This photo reminds me of a trip to Perth, Australia.  That was one long journey and on arrival at the hotel we were very much the worse for jet lag.  The receptionist mentioned a spa bath on the roof which sounded like bliss so we grabbed a robe from the bedroom, a bottle of wine from the mini bar and headed to the roof.  The view of Perth that night from the spa bath was amazing and will stay with me for years to come.


bath view1


Looks like a great place to lie and watch the seasons change.






bath view2  Loving the chandelier…

Ah Heaven.  Can’t you just smell the frangipani.

bath view6

bath view8   Just leave me here for a while …

This bathroom is in the Amangiri resort in Utah.  I wouldn’t usually choose a desert stay but the Amangiri fits seamlessly in to this stunning location.


And if you have a spare $53m it will buy you this view in New York!  The bath would be better turned around instead of looking sideways at the view.  Just a thought ..



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