Coffee at the Gobi

image by Dave Stamboulis
image by Dave Stamboulis

Over a lazy weekend coffee with my friend D we started a conversation on who we would want with us should we ever become stranded in dangerous territory. I’m not sure what brought this on as we were sitting in the local garden centre cafe overlooking the fish pond, not some watering hole in the Gobi desert …



D:   “No contest – Bear Grylls.  He would build you a shelter from twigs, rub two squirrels together to get a fire going (then cook said squirrels), find something to drink and get you home in time for cocoa.  And he’s gorgeous!”


Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls


She had a point, he is ruggedly handsome if you like your men smelling of badger poo.  He knows his way round a swamp or two but I’ve seen some of his TV programmes and he has way too much fun out there to get home in time for cocoa.







.. step away from that billy can, I don’t think that’s Chardonnay he’s handing you!!




D:    “Who’d you want?”

Richard Branson, he’s always good for a giggle and I’d be hoping for a free pass to Necker Island.  Plus if Bear Grylls went missing no-one would come looking for him for weeks  ‘Oh don’t worry about Bear he’s only been gone 3 weeks, probably popped down to the Gobi for a latte with the boys’.   Sir Ritchie on the other hand is always getting in to scrapes so I bet his wife sewed tracking devices in to all his pants.  I’d give it an hour before International Rescue came to pick us up, he’d just need to keep his pants on.

Hmmm on second thoughts …

Sir Richard Branson
Sir Richard Branson

Who’d you want to be stranded with?

4 thoughts

  1. Ray Mears as he knows bush craft and wood-lore (not sure of the difference) and he’s not as flashy as Bear Grylls, he just gets on with stuff. Although that might be really boring. I think I’ll go for James Bond, I’m sure he’d send for his scooba car or something.


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