Five People you meet in Heaven

I don’t need to leave this life having made a huge impact or discovery but most of us would like to think we mattered at sometime to someone along the way.  For our life to have had meaning.

Wandering through a bookshop recently I came across a book by Mitch Albom called The Five People You Meet in Heaven.


It is a thought provoking story that shows things are not always as they seem at the time.  That our own actions and the actions of those around us hold meaning of which we aren’t aware.  This book will make you think, it will make you consider – which five people would be waiting to meet you in Heaven and what would their story be?

I didn’t think of myself as particularly significant other than to my family but after reading this book I thought about who might be there for me. People I’ve helped in to work, or sent travelling around the World?  Those I may have unintentionally hurt or who hurt me along the way?   There are several I wouldn’t want to meet again but what stories were attached to those situations that I might not have understood at the time, what part did we play in each others lives?

I hope you give this book a go.



5 thoughts

  1. Good question. We are put into each others path for a reason. Nothing happens in this universe that wasn’t meant to be. Mitch Albom is a Michigander like me. He has a talk show on WJR 760 in Detroit. He does some good things for Detroiters.


      1. Mr. Albom does good things for the communities around Detroit but his political views are a bit too far left for me so I didn’t always listen to his program on WJR. I listen to that station via the internet once in a while to catch up. When I worked in landscaping and lawn care, I wore headphones with the built-in radio so i could listen to my favorites on the station. A talk radio junkie.


      2. Me too! In the garden with my headphones on listening to Jeremy Vine (a UK based radio talk show) and it can get quite heated. My neighbours must think I’m mad as they listen to my one-sided comments coming over the fence.

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