Memories are made of Bliss

Just what are memories made of?  Pictures, music, aromas, food, sensations?  All of these, and more ..

Holidays for some are a welcome break away from the daily grind.  For me they make up my happy memories.  They are the times when I get to create my own bit of paradise that I can dip into on rainy days.  Often it’s the small things that happened to make it special.



From holidays as a kid I remember sitting in the car overlooking a beach, windows steamed up as it rained cats & dogs outside.  But we were on our holiday so, while the grown ups got out the flask of tea, I had a ’99’ ice cream dribbling down my hand (I want 2 flakes please).  Happy days!



A perfect beach brought tears to my eyes (I get  very emotional in beautiful places!) at the Galley Bay Hotel in Antigua – step out of Reception on to the white sand and you’ve arrived in Heaven. I spent a day snorkelling on a nearby reef and came home in a storm on a sail boat.  My knuckles were white from hanging on but what a ride!








Chicago in winter, such a beautiful city.  It was so cold but we found a backstreet cafe where they served soup in a loaf!  It tasted like the most wonderful thing in the World on such a cold day.





Skiing in Canada – standing atop a mountain, eyes closed listening to snow fall from the trees (the instructor was a bit zen!).  On the flight home I saw the Northern Lights -nothing so far has topped that.





Watching the sunset from a bar on the island of Ios, Greece.  They played classical music and served cocktails while the sun dipped below the horizon. I got quite emotional – again!  Must have been the alcohol ..





Twelve of us travelled to Australia for a crazy whistle stop tour.  There were so many highlights including the spa bath with a view in Perth, and arriving in Sydney on Mardi Gras weekend.  Totally unexpected but the best party we’d ever gatecrashed!!



I also have memories of Harvey on a day out covered in bees after running in to lavender bushes!  This photo was a ‘before’, I abandoned the camera shortly afterwards and ran to his aid ..

image by Deb Fletcher
image by Deb Fletcher


So when I sit in my rocker watching the sun set for the last time, I’ll be smiling with memories of wonderful places ..



What are your travel memories made of?

8 thoughts

  1. Travel posts often follow predictable directions: this one is a beautiful choice of gorgeous pictures and locations. All of them great for cool dreaming, and perking up with your dancing machos! Soup in a loaf? where in Chicago did you find it ? I think it originates in Italy or maybe also northern European countries.:)


    1. Thanks Beatriz 🙂 It was just a little backstreet coffee shop we came across while strolling off the beaten track in Chicago. I’d never seen soup served like this before so it’s been a talking point ever since.


  2. Your photographs are stunning! Wow, what memories! My memories are mainly off being cozy inside watching thunder storms with my bloke, the smell of biscuits baking in my junior school and at the McVities factory on the way to college and climbing up a forestey hill and watching the sunset over the costal town of Prestatyn and similar at Ross-on-Wye.


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