Life – a Work in Progress part 1

“Always be yourself unless you are going to be boring, in which case do everyone a favour and be someone else”  – Joan Rivers

I don’t want to inflict boring on anyone, including myself.  I’ll apologise now for the length of this post and the possible rambling quality (my brain doesn’t work in straight lines).  If you bail out now I understand.

I’m all for living an authentic life but what happens when ‘authentic’ is not really doing it for you? Up until now life has been a lazy river ride, I just jumped on to see where it took me.

958ca85d45e521b234b94667b46aa793I’ve hit the odd rapid and fallen in quite a few times but I keep getting back on. This time I’m sinking with a slow puncture – I need to stop drifting, get off and get a plan.  There are only so many times a body has the energy to start over ..


First Decision – What do I really want?

At this point the 4 year old that resides in my mind is jumping up and down excitedly at the thought of making an early Christmas list for Santa.  Inspired by Tony Robbins, I’ve tried writing the ultimate wish list before – sorry Tony, I love you but the truth is Jon Bon Jovi is never going to ride across the desert with me on the back of his Harley.

Chris Guillebeau has an interesting take on life.  I spent a day reading through his articles and Lifestyle Design and Your Ideal World jumped out as a good place to start.    I made a Life List of  ‘wants’  (46 so far) and picked out recurring themes – to have roots & wings, experiences are more important than ‘stuff’, travel + photography + writing could give me a new career.  These I used to Create My Perfect Day:

The sun is rising and I jump out of bed and head for the beach.  Living by the sea has been my dream come true.  Harvey follows behind, he’s more interested in scattering a small group of gulls.  I sit quietly in the sand watching the light come up on a new day. Small fishing boats are returning with their catch from a night at sea.  I whisper ‘thank you’ to the Universe, thank you for another day in this perfect place, thank you for my life and everyone in it




I stroll along the beach for a while, picking up pebbles and small pieces of driftwood and return home for breakfast out on the deck.  I’m grateful for warm days but even when the chill sets in I love to wrap up and sit out here with a mug of hot chocolate, watching the waves and changing sky.  Here comes Harvey shaking sand everywhere!


After a shower, I throw on shorts and T shirt and drive to the local deli/bakery to pick up supplies.  I see a couple of friends so we stop for coffee and a catch up.  They remind me it’s movie night on Saturday – outdoor screening of The Fog (the original version), plenty of Ben & Jerry’s.  Bliss


Back home, quickly putting the food away – that dog has his nose in everything!  I make lunch to take in to the office with me – I’ll forget to eat otherwise.  Luckily the ‘office’ is a short walk to the next room










Now, time to write my article and upload the photos from a recent trip to the Seychelles.  I’m over the moon, it’s been on my wish list for a long time and now I’ve done it.  Those memories will help keep me cosy this Winter.  Hope the magazine likes it ..


Harvey is pawing at my knee, heck where did time go.  It’s early evening, the sun is already low on the horizon.  I let Harvey out in to the garden where he’s happy to tootle around while I throw my yoga mat on to the deck and have an hour to straighten the kinks from my back


Candles lit, music on, dinner is cooking (fish, green beans, salad).  A ping from my laptop – the editor is very happy with the article.  Iceland is next she says.  Woo Hoo!


While I eat I wonder if the fish came from one of the little boats I saw this morning, I’ll send them a ‘thank you’ from the beach tomorrow.  Off to bed. Harvey is curled up already, no doubt still chasing seagulls



Now, how can I make this real?  To be continued …









What would a perfect day in your ideal world look like?  Are you already living it?


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