Midweek Meanderings

For some time now I’ve been wanting to take a photograph of the moon.   Graceful in her journey through the sky, so calm, so elegant. I love the moon ..  what I don’t love is my total inability to get a decent photograph!!

My attempt to shoot the recent blue moon had me stomping round the garden at 1am cursing, I was following all the ‘hints & tips’, I had the right gear.  What made it worse was I knew the next day the web would be full of perfect images shot by kids with mobile phones ..

Today I had another go and here are the results.  Still not great but it’s on my Life List of things to do so will be a work in progress



That white mark is a plane flying above it



Back to the drawing board …


2 thoughts

  1. Good work! You can see some of the craters too, it helps if you have very low or non-existing light pollution. I tried last winter in the back yard with mixed results. It’s a moving target too.


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