The Seductive Power of Grey

For those of you who have tuned in anticipating a review of ‘that’ book, I’m sorry to disappoint.  It’s not a tome that will be gracing my bedside table anytime soon – Harvey agrees


This is a piece about something much more enticing.  From dark foreboding storm clouds that gather on the horizon to silvery grey feathers, it is the most elegant of colours.


Grey is often considered monotonous and boring, having no personality.  I disagree.


It doesn’t jar the senses and is easy on the eye.  In a World of chaos it creates a calming, peaceful oasis.





No longer is it just a sign of decay and old age, grey is sophisticated, graceful.









Even lending itself to things not naturally associated with the colour.






And what’s to say that ageing can’t be considered beautiful



.. decay also

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So embrace the grey, wherever you may find it



14 thoughts

      1. Sunny I bet, it’s not down here in Southern California near the Pacific. The fog rolls in every night, hence it’s overcast every morning. Clouds make me grumpy! 🙂


      2. Sorry John, I thought you were out in the sultry desert of Vegas. Isn’t Southern California all sunshine and surfers? Fog makes me grumpy too, although we don’t get that much these days. All I can think of now is the movie The Fog, watch out for zombie pirates!


  1. I’ve had grey hair since I was in my early 20s. It’s a family thing. I’m used to it, and think it makes me look distinguished.


    1. That’s the thing, guys look great with greying hair but we girls feel the need to cover it up. Having said that, there seems to be a current trend for young girls to ‘go grey’ so maybe we are all on trend at the minute!

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