Get Your Glow On


It’s taken a while for me to get comfortable with make-up.  I didn’t like the feel of it on my skin and generally worried it would slip from my face like a mudslide on a rainy day.  I’d not much of a clue where to put some of it and now there’s primer, BB and CC cream in the mix!




It’s easy to stick with the same old ‘look’ you may have had for the last 15 years – and I bet there’s some favourite tube of lipstick that’s been around for the same amount of time, lingering with the fluff in the bottom of your make-up bag all dried out.  But it’s the perfect colour I hear you cry!!  Get a grip girl, there’s a whole World of colour out there just waiting for You!



A recent foray through a department store saw my Mum ‘hijacked’ at a well known cosmetics counter (it was a slow day), they wanted to give her a ‘make-over’.  She was reluctant, she thought make-up could do little to hide the ravages of time plus felt it a bit over-indulgent especially as it wasn’t Christmas which is about the only time her make-up bag makes an appearance.

With some encouragement she sat down and was soon playing like a little girl with a variety of pencils and crayons.  Her lightly powdered eyes lit up and she had a big smile on her face by the end of it.  Inside of 10 minutes her skin tone was evened out, her eyes looked more sparkly and she glowed.  She left with a few new goodies and spent the rest of the day with her head held high.






Today’s make-up is not a mask to hide behind, it should enhance what you have, give protection from the elements and boost your confidence in an instance.  Cosmetic counters are usually more than willing to sit you down or if you need a helping hand from the comfort of your own boudoir try make-up hero Lisa Eldridge, her short videos hold a wealth of advice and are easy to follow (you don’t need to use every product she shows you).  Time to clear out that fluff – and that old lipstick – and find your signature look!

And if you still aren’t a fan of make-up, then just add a smile to get your glow on …



8 thoughts

    1. No I think you have a lovely glow already, all that running is doing wonders for you. Just out of interest, what’s your feelings on women wearing make-up? I had a conversation once with a chap who groaned his girlfriend took ages to get ready when they were going out which annoyed him. I asked how he felt about her going out without it on and he was horrified and said he didn’t like that idea! 🙂

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      1. I like a woman who feels comfortable with how she looks, be it with or without make up. Of course, there is something to be said for a woman who is confident in how she looks without any make up…


  1. I’m over 50 and I never wore make up but maybe I should start? It’s seems over-indulgent when I mostly wear fitness clothes for the gym. :/ Thanks for the post. The women you featured are beautiful!

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    1. I never wear make-up to the gym, too much perspiring going on! I’ve come round to the thinking it can actually help protect skin at our age. Even if it’s just to add a bit of colour – although if you are working out a lot you probably have an amazing glow naturally 🙂

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      1. It’s not so much a glow as a menopausal hot flash combined with workout sweat…Lol…But thank you. Maybe I’ll stop by a dept store and get made up for the holidays. 🙂


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