Life – a Work in Progress part 2

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho

The reason I put these posts on here is on the understanding of the above.   If I have enough desire in my ‘wants’ and send them out in to the Universe to be seen then possibly shifts will start to take place.

Wandering without intent for the last few decades hasn’t brought me the life I want so time to try a different approach.

I’m going to start with small changes, for the rest of it I’m going to take a lead from Amy Cuddy and ‘fake it till you become it’.  That’s to say, believe I’m already part of my ideal world.  And if ‘our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behaviour, our behaviour changes our outcomes’ then my body is first on the list for an overhaul!

Things I have started to do –

  • 6am – jump out of bed with as much energy & enthusiasm as I can summon (this is definitely a ‘fake it’ moment)
  • The nearest beach is a 2 hour drive away and Harvey can’t keep his legs crossed that long!  Our usual 30 minute walk is now done to the soundtrack of waves rolling on to the shore and distant seagulls – courtesy of my iPod. This is when I say my thank you’s to the Universe for giving me another day, an amazing life and for the people I have in it
  • Then it’s to the gym for a 6k bike ride and some powerful breathing (ok mainly panting)
  • Back home for breakfast which I now take more care in arranging and eat outside if it’s not raining cats & dogs.  On those days I can always sit in the shed retreat and look out on my garden
  • In the ‘office’ by 1030 and doing something creative – setting up photo scenarios, writing blog posts, painting.  Two of my favourite movies are giving me inspiration – The Sandpiper and Somethings Gotta Give


  • I’ve a White Company Sea Salt candle burning and am listening to a lovely version of La Vie en Rose.  It’s helping to give me the ‘experience’ of my perfect day

These were some (albeit superficial) actions I could start straight away.  I downloaded a template to complete with goal-setting and timelines  – I like visuals.  I won’t lie to you, it’s taken me 3 weeks and still needs tweaking but then it is the start of my new life I’m mapping out.

The Universe may, after all this, shake it’s head and throw something completely different at me.  But then that’s what life is all about ..

How’s your ideal world?  Are you there yet?


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