Fifty Shades of Ginger .. and an Ombre named Ted

My 16 year old Siamese cat Lily passed away earlier this year which left a huge gap ..  home just isn’t home without a purring puss cat padding on your knee. So I volunteered to foster kittens for the local rescue centre which means I look after them for around 8 weeks until they are old enough to go in for adoption to their forever home.

This week I’ve been thrown in to furry chaos by the arrival of my first ‘family’ – a stray cat named Sue and her 5 brand new kittens.  They were found hiding in an outside toilet where she had given birth and stayed with her babies for around a week before being found.  Sue should be modelling in Vogue – she is very young, has ombre fur, and you can count every rib on her body!  One kitten is the same ombre colour, and the other four are varying shades of ginger.  I’ve unofficially named the kittens Ted (the ombre), Peaches (pale as peach fluff), Gingersnap (very ginger), Tigger (very stripey) and Lola.  Lola is tiny and only has one eye open at the moment – I’m a bit worried about Lola but she’s the loudest and a fighter so fingers crossed ..

Here are a few photos from this week – they are the squirmiest little things I’ve ever tried to photograph!





9 thoughts

  1. I admire that you can do this. I would keep each one! I fell in love just looking at the pictures. It would break my heart to part with them.


    1. Thanks Deb. I’m looking at it that once they are adopted there will be another furry family heading my way that needs a safe place to get started. That’s the thought anyway, reality may turn out to be harder than I anticipated!!

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