Down the Garden Path

Walking in the garden this morning it was lovely to see there are still plenty of things to enjoy.  The roses are doing their best to keep going, the hydrangeas are in full bloom now and the lavender is still covered in bees.

I was on my way to pick some blueberries for my breakfast,  I’ve grown strawberries, raspberries and blueberries  for the last few years and find it really heartwarming to see them appear each season.  Meanwhile, I’ve had very little luck growing veggies.   The pigeons keep eating the kale, something else munched it’s way through the spinach and salad leaves so the only thing still standing is beetroot.  Beetroot always reminds me of the nasty pickled stuff you get in jars but I grew it for the first time this year to put raw in smoothies with avocado, strawberries and raspberries and it really hits the spot.

I’m not buying this ‘detox’ philosophy that seems to pop up in every magazine article about smoothies and juices, I think the body does an amazing job itself in that department.  However, after years of being a non-veg lover I decided to do my body a favour by changing the way I eat but the only way I manage is to make smoothies out of it all and take it in one daily hit.  It’s working so far..

So back to the kitchen, blueberries washed and porridge cooling.  Here’s wishing you a fruitful weekend !!



images from Cowparsley

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