Kitten Catch Up

It’s been 4 weeks since the fur family moved in and they have now started to cause chaos.  The ‘cage’ where they sleep no longer keeps them secured, they’ve found a route through the bars and take every opportunity to re-enact The Great Escape – thank Heavens they didn’t dig up the floor boards.  I’m now fattening them up quicker than a Christmas turkey so their round little tummies will serve as a plug!

Once free they dash round the room making loud squeaky noises, it’s the kitten Grand Prix.  Usually they are  looking for things to hide behind (and wee!).   They also leap on the nearest thing passing which is usually me, it’s like wearing live piercings …

Mum cat needs to go back to the rescue centre soon so I have to ween them off her and have them eating solid food in this next week.  We’ve not been very successful so far, they walk away with more food stuck to their fluff than inside their tums.  Their table manners are disgusting!

I found some spare carpet and rolled it up so they had something else to climb on instead of me

They are starting to look darned cute though!

images by Deb Fletcher

9 thoughts

    1. They are very lively! I’m acting as a halfway house for them so take them from the day they are rescued until ready to go for adoption in their (hopefully) forever homes. Mum needs to go back to the shelter to be neutered and then put up for adoption. The kittens stay with me until they are about 8 or 9 weeks old then they will go to the shelter for adoption. At that point I will probably cry and want to keep them all!!


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