Get Cosy this Weekend

I’ve mentioned I’m not a lover of Autumn but this year I am trying to get passionate about Fall.

Home has been in Summer mode since June but now I want to cosy it up for cooler days and darker nights.  The more practical of you might be thinking about clearing fallen leaves from guttering, putting garden furniture away and washing down the greenhouse.  I’m more excited by the thought of new candles, blankets and an extra layer of bedding ..

Let there be Light – I love twinkly lights but will patiently wait until nearer Christmas before breaking them out, instead I’ve gone for candles.  You can’t beat a real log fire but candles can give a flavour of this with a host of little flames instead.  Spicy aromas are too heady for me so I go for pine, cedar, mossy fragrances –  like a walk through a damp forest!  My current favourite is Fir & Berry from The White Company

It’s a Wrap –  I’m changing light cotton cushions for knitted versions, and bringing out blankets to drape over my sofa.  Great to cuddle up in on a rainy Sunday afternoon

A soft place to Fall – my bed is my sanctuary.  I can climb in to crisp white sheets and drift away.  When temperatures drop add a few more togs and a bedspread or throw

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it’s a good one for you .. and stay cosy!



3 thoughts

  1. I love fall. And candles, thought not necessarily scented ones (typical guy approach). Looking forward to sleeping with my windows open! Cool post — the candle pictures are giving me lots ideas!

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    1. Thanks Tom. It’s great to find a guy who likes candles at all, you boys deserve a nice glow to your mancave! I’m shivering even at the thought of open windows, you must be made of tough stuff 🙂


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