Finding Autumn

With all the dark misty weather we’re having it’s really setting the scene for Halloween season.  The spooky stories have started – for a fabulous ode hop over to Richard Ankers

I’m starting to think the odd ghoul has moved in to the garden as strange fungi are appearing everywhere.  Harvey seems to like them which is a bit un-nerving, I’m having to do a patrol round the garden before he goes out.  I’m not sure if they’ll harm him or if he’ll start to demand bacon and eggs as a side order..

Armed with wellies, rainproof and a camera I went out for a rummage with Harvey.  Here are a few photos from an afternoon in the woods


17 thoughts

    1. Thanks Ally! I’ll have a good look through your blog when I’m back from work tonight – sitting in my PJ’s in the dark hiding from the Halloweeners! I’m intrigued by your blog in progress – Paris in the Rain, it sounds like my kind of Heaven. Have a great day 🙂

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    1. Many thanks Joan. Your art is fabulous! I’m no writer but enjoy photography and would love to be able to illustrate. Blogging just gets your creativity going 🙂


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