Addicted to ..

.. Pinterest!  Some use it to promote their business/blog/products, others showcase their talent for styling.  Me – I use it to build a vision of my perfect life.

I hoard images like seashells off a beach, kept in a glass jar where I can see them and dream.  I started out by using it as a place for hundreds of pictures I’d previously saved on files.  Each time I promise myself I’ll just log in to pull off a few to use on posts but 3 hours later and I’m still there saving new material they so thoughtfully believed I’d be interested in!

I probably should be out in the World actually doing some of the things I’m coveting.  The positive side is it’s saved me a fortune.  Each month I would buy a variety of glossy magazines to get my fix, now I can fulfil that for free.  I’m a minimalist at heart but I did have a huge collection of magazines which I never disposed of, my Dad worried for the structure of the house when I was younger as I kept them under my bed and cracks appeared in the ceiling below!

Pinterest is actually helping me sort out in my jumbled mind things I love and putting them into a more organised order.  It’s inspired me to try different creative avenues, brought back memories of places I’ve visited and opened up exciting new ones I plan to go to.  Things I thought were foremost in my life have actually been overtaken by alternatives hence giving me a better idea of how I’ve changed and the direction I want to go in.  My mind and body seem more motivated by visual stimulus rather than the written word so I’m classing it as therapy!


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