Let a little light in to your Life

The onset of the Christmas buildup is a good excuse to wax lyrical.  We may no longer need candles to tell the time or stop us stumbling about in the dark but they can still hold significance for some.

The first Christmas of not being married I was renting a small apartment.  It had little in the way of home comforts, I didn’t want to make this a place I couldn’t leave in an instance if I wanted to.  My ex husband had hated candles and banned them from the house so that year I went and bought a bag full of pine scented ones and filled the place with them.  It turned the apartment in to my ‘log cabin in the woods’ and at the same time was a symbolic gesture of burning the past and lighting my way in to the future.  Nowadays when I light a candle I think of loved ones who aren’t around, or those feeling a bit lost, and hope the small glow finds them.

Unless it’s going to be on a table with food,  I like my candles with aroma otherwise it’s only half the pleasure – like flowers with no perfume.

Below are some I’ve enjoyed over the years.  Bit expensive but worth it for special times ..

Malin + Goetz’s Mojito candle – fabulous when you need a reminder of those days round a pool, soaking up the sun with a cocktail in your hand

The White Company Sea Salt candle – absolutely love this one!  Just like a walk along a windswept beach, salty air on my skin, hair blowing in the breeze

Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus candle – this is the log cabin in the forest, all fir cones and pine needles

Diptyque Feu de Bois candle –  close your eyes and you could be sitting cosy by an open wood fire on a cold winter’s day

Wherever you are, may you always have warmth and light in your life


13 thoughts

  1. That first Christmas of being single must have been so difficult. The pain goes on for a year after doesn’t it? Once in a while we fire up the scented candles, it’s amazing how the aroma can change your mood. Kinda romantic too. 😉

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    1. I knew you were a romantic soul 🙂 Yes there were a few tough Christmases, nothing worse than being in a supermarket full of loved up couples when I’m buying Christmas dinner for one!

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      1. They sure are calming. I always get candles for my birthday, family and friends know me well! This year I was also given a beautiful vaporiser with the coloured lights and essential oils infused in it … it’s just gorgeous.

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