Giving Thanks

I wanted something to celebrate in November because it’s too early to get excited about Christmas and I’m no lover of Autumn.  Thanksgiving seemed an appropriate celebration to borrow from our friends across the pond and although it’s not a holiday over here I’m celebrating the spirit of the day – the turkey etc will have to wait until the weekend!


It’s arrived at a good time because I’ve been a bit grumpy of late and there’s simply no good reason for it (other than the weather).  So to shake me out of my grump I decided to write down reasons to be darned thankful for the life I’m lucky to have ..

  • I woke up breathing this morning and everything was in full working order – the creaking bones just accompany the soundtrack that is my life
  • A warm blanket of fur ran at me in appreciation and covered me in wet licks he was so pleased to see me – I should explain that was Harveyhound!
  • I have somewhere safe to come in from the cold and wet.  My home is warm, calm and clean (don’t run your finger through the dust, I’ve been busy ok!)
  • My cupboards have food in them, and the fridge too
  • I’m thankful for the opportunity to earn a  living
  • I had an education and still have chance to learn so much more
  • There are people to love and they love me back
  • I’ve had adventures (some I could have done without!) and I’m optimistic enough to think I’ll have more

Most of the above are ‘basics’ – health, safety, a warm roof over your head, enough food to eat, education, ability to earn, and love.  I have more than the basics, compared to many I have abundance.   For all these gifts I am truly thankful.

Warm wishes to you this Thanksgiving.


13 thoughts

  1. This is so sweet! I hope you have a really good day. Do you experience Seasonal Affective Disorder? My son and I are here alone, wife is in Europe until first of the month on job related stuff. My day will be spent in front of the tube eating leftovers. No worries, it’s the norm since the family is back in Michigan.

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    1. Hi John! I suffer from ‘it’s bloody raining again’ disorder. All the things I like least happen at this time of year – cold, wet and dark. I was made for hibernation I think! Your wife sounds to lead an exciting life with all this jet setting around, where in Europe is she? I’m sure she left you some really healthy meals in the freezer .. and you 2 are probably ordering takeaways. Just remember to hide the evidence before she gets back. Have a great holiday 😀

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      1. No evidence to hide, no wild parties! She was in Germany until a few days back, now in Italy. Does NOT like the food in these countries and has been losing weight which is acceptable to her. This is one of two parts of her job. I am eating the usual fare here, thankful for the food. Have you considered relocation to a sunny climate?

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      2. I love British food. I’ve been to Europe and must admit food takes some getting use to but I don’t think I’d be losing weight in Italy as I love pasta. I’m pleased you aren’t starving – I thought I might have to fly over a food parcel for you!! Western Canada would be my relocation dream – not exactly a warmer climate! Now if I could find a job in Hawaii ..

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      3. The cost of living in Hawaii is very high but a great place to visit. Put some pasta in that food parcel! Are you talking about Vancouver, BC? I visited there years ago, such a great city. Why Canada? I love Canada…


      4. Yes Vancouver, BC. Fabulous place, love Vancouver Island too. Temperate climate, mountains and skiing close by. Has it all really. Also been to Calgary and Banff which I enjoyed. Friendly people, good food, great scenery, wide open spaces. Pasta on it’s way!!


  2. Thank you for your greetings on this holiday. We have a lot to be thankful for, and I am looking forward to our dinner guests today….three wonderful male friends and a very large dog who spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. They have no family that is close, and neither do we, so we all celebrate together and have a joyous time.

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