It’s Sing or Scream!

Four weeks to go until the big event and I’m already looking desperately for some Christmas Spirit – or an escape route.

The consumer side of Christmas drives me to distraction.  This week’s food shopping expedition had me wearing my iPod and singing outloud in the hope I’d be given a wide berth by others, (no-one wants to go near the mumbling crazy lady) while all around me looked like a vision from World War Z (where’s Brad when you need him).  Even over the sound of me and Bill Withers singing Lovely Day I could hear a very heated exchange between harassed mother with armour plated pushchair who had run in to a thoroughly fed up assistant trying to stack shelves with festive mince pies.  Fast forward to Gloria Gaynor and I Will Survive ..

As I get older I despair at the amount of money thrown away in search of some magical fuzzy feeling that will make it all worth the frazzled nerves and bare bank account.

So back to that fuzzy feeling.  Not having a family of my own – other than Harveyhound, I haven’t built up much in the way of Christmas traditions.  Some I carried over from when I lived at home such as new PJ’s to wear on Christmas Eve and Jim Reeves playing on Christmas morning while I sit under the tree with a mug of hot chocolate – yes he does sing Blue Christmas better than Elvis and I’ll hear no more arguments!!  I also love walking Harvey at night when everyone has their festive lights on.   When I was little my Dad use to drive through town at night so I could see the pretty illuminations, I miss my Dad.

Last Christmas Eve, instead of leaving a mince pie for Santa and carrots for the reindeer (why I don’t know, I have no kids!) I sprinkled a bag of sunflower seeds on the garden which also had bird friendly glitter in it so it twinkled in the moonlight (ahhh).  The birds didn’t stand a chance, Harvey ate it all .. made for very interesting poop!!

I’m hoping you can help me out, I’d love to hear about your Christmas Traditions – preferably ones that don’t include sitting on a cruise ship sailing round the Caribbean ..

Ps does anyone else watch Santa on the NORAD site on Christmas Eve, it’s awesome!!

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  1. Well, mumbles, the only real tradition I have is where I place my Mister Orange pencil cover-cum-decoration on the Christmas tree. How sad is that? LOL
    PS the glitter in the garden is a wonderful idea.

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