Brainwashed in your Sleep

Sleep has been my saviour on many an occasion.  Through stressful situations I could always find some respite by curling up in a cosy bed and drifting off to sleep.

My parents thought I was a sleepy head when we went on holiday in the car but the truth was, as a kid, I got very travel sick so I’d just doze off until we arrived.  Later in life I was once lead away sobbing in Chicago airport when my connection to Denver was delayed by 9 hours, I’d already been awake for 20 hours and that 4 year old kid inside me had had enough.

My current work pattern has me coming home late at night, at a time when I’m usually tucked up in my PJ’s under the duvet.  No chance of me having a career in espionage, just threaten sleep deprivation and I’d tell you anything.

There are plenty of articles advising the benefits of getting enough sleep but I’ve come across a TEDtalk by Jeff Iliff that gives one more amazing reason to get some quality shuteye.  The gist of it is that while you sleep the ‘cleaners’ come in and give your brain a good hosing down ridding it of all the gunk it’s built up.  The brain even shrinks a little to let them get in to all the nooks and crannies!


Now these guys only work when you are asleep – bit like Santa, so lack of sleep equals a brain full of YUK!  I’ll let you watch the TEDtalk to fill you in on the benefits but it’s one more reason (if you need it) why sleep is a fabulous idea.

6 thoughts

  1. Sleep depravation can do some real damage to people, I hope your work schedule will change so you can get curled up. My wife travels to Europe once in a while for a portion of her employment. She just returned yesterday and as always, the time change has her head all messed up. Takes several days to adjust again… Stay warm.

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    1. I’ve only 4 weeks to go and then the contract ends so I may sleep through January and February! Jet lag does mess with your system, hope she is ok. Bet you are pleased she is back home. It’s not too cold here at the moment but the winds are ferocious. Have a great weekend 🙂

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      1. The jet lag is whooping’ her butt! Ut will be a few days until the system restores. I am super glad to have her home!!! Stay warm. 🙂

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  2. I’ve had a pretty stressful year that’s played havoc on my sleep so I know first hand how badly it can impact us. Slowly trying to get my pattern back. Thanks for this post. Take care and sleep well!

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    1. Oh no, sorry you’ve had a bit of a year – it’s almost over thank goodness so hoping you get a better one next year. Amazing isn’t it how unsettling lack of sleep can be, totally knocks me off balance

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      1. Yes, absolutely. And I’m my own worst enemy as I stay up all hours writing. Then I find it hard to switch off the mind when I do go to bed! Thanks for your good wishes.

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