When is Christmas Illogical?

Today we’ve been asked to come to work in a Christmas jumper (groan), ‘make it as festive as possible’ they said.  The company will then give £1 to charity (hurrah!) for each of us.


Now I have 2 dilemmas.   I’m of an age where after 10 minutes wearing a jumper I’ll be ripping it off my body to avoid turning in to a puddle on the floor.  I also don’t own a Christmas jumper – call me crazy but I’ve never felt the urge to emblazon my chest with festive frippery.  But in the spirit of joining in I went looking to buy one even though it will hit the nearest charity shop once the day is out.  Twenty quid (£20)!!  Now maths was never my strong point but to spend £20 on it and have £1 donated to charity doesn’t add up to me.  I offered work the £20 for charity (and for being a partypooper) but was met with a look I’ve only ever seen my Mother give me when I’ve been a bad girl.

Is this what Christmas is turning in to, an illogical exchange of expensive tat for minimal benefit?

So, I’m left delving in to my box of Christmas decorations and sowing silver baubles on to a T shirt in the hope it will pass inspection and save my sorry soul so Santa doesn’t put me on the naughty list.  Just praying no-one bumps in to me or I’ll be spending the day in A&E having bauble shard extraction.  The £20 will go in to the Salvation Army collection box – and £1 will still make it’s way to the needy.  Win win I feel ..

What’s on your Christmas jumper this year (other than gravy)?

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  1. How eminently sensible of you. We don’t do that in our office, but people can wear Christmas jumpers for our office Christmas lunch, which was yesterday. One chap wears a different Christmas jumper each year and I believe he gets a lot of use out of it, as he has a personality which enables him to wear it to events at his daughters’ schools. Some of the other men wore Christmas ties. The rest of us dressed more or less normally. Best of all, no one was embarrassed.

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