One for Sorrow, Two for Joy ..

That’s the saying isn’t it when you see a magpie it’s one for sorrow, two for joy.   A lone magpie is bad luck ..

I celebrated a birthday this month.  I went for a meal, to the movies and had a spa session – alone.  This was met with pitying looks ‘you were on your own, on your birthday?’.  In past years I’ve spent Christmas on my own as well – gasp!  If I waited to be ‘a couple’ I’d never get to do anything.

Last year I stayed at an incredible hotel.  On being shown to my room the receptionist wished me a pleasant stay ‘even though you are on your own’  Well thanks for that!  On my first visit to the restaurant I was advised they’d reserved me a table for 2 – ‘great, whose joining me?’ I asked as I stood there, alone, waiting to be seated.  I’ve been given crappy box  rooms in hotels and dark corner tables in restaurants.  I don’t go quietly these days, I head for the table I want and sod the waiter and where he wants me!  I also complain about paying full room price and then ending up in the attic.

I may be alone but I’m not lonely, I’m a fully functioning individual who enjoys life whether solo or not.  It’s other people who make me feel lonely and sad, they make me feel like an outcast, that I’m not worthy of a place in this World because I’m a one for sorrow, not a two for joy.  We stick out at dinner parties, we make odd numbers and that’s inconvenient ..

I appreciate some people are alone through circumstance and not choice and struggle especially at this time of year when the premise is ‘Christmas is for Family’.  Christmas is for everyone, life is for everyone, alone or otherwise.

Next time you meet someone who spent a birthday/vacation/Christmas by themselves please don’t pity us, ask how was it, maybe give us a hug – we miss hugs.  It takes courage to be alone and some of us are still in training for our wings.


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  1. You’re right. There should be no stigma to being alone and it is better to wait for the right person. Too many people don’t.
    PS Happy belated Twenty-first. Here’s some gifts 🍰☕️🦄 the last one’s a unicorn as I figured you wouldn’t have one 😄

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