Getting Down with the Wrinklies

When I was young the only boy bands around were the Osmonds and the Jackson Five.  Good wholesome lads who often appeared on the Andy Williams show come a Sunday night.  Didn’t exactly get your pulse racing …

Things looked up when David Cassidy came on the scene – at last someone worth getting your knickers in a twist about!  The last time I screamed at a man (other than my ex husband) was at a Bon Jovi concert, I only wanted to buy a drink but the music was so loud the guy at the kiosk couldn’t hear me.  I’m not really a concert kinda gal.

Tonight I took my Mum to a concert (I really need to get a life!).  Considering the average age must have been 103 you’d think it would have been an orderly and sedate affair ..  no chance!  For starters we had a ruckus when they were late opening the doors – when I say ruckus it was the British equivalent for which read loud tutting.  Once in,  I was trampled on as the biddies rushed to the loo, then again on the way back in their eagerness to spend what was left of their pension on a variety of crap artistically produced merchandise.

Being a well brought up girl I let my elders go before me but damn it after being shoved out of the way and smacked with a variety of walking sticks and handbags I decided it was every girl for herself and elbowed my way in.  I sat through 3 hours of singing, chanting, arm waving and selfie taking – who says they aren’t IT savvy.  They were up and dancing in the aisles and clinging to the front of the stage, thank the Lord for dodgy hips as I wouldn’t have put it past this lot to get their corset off and fling at the feet of their hero.  I got quite nervous when the old guy behind me shouted ‘You’re a God, Andre!’


Andre surely must be a God for his disciples follow him round the Globe, spending a fortune.  My Mother alone has a whole cupboard filled with his CD’s and DVD’s, every one containing the same music but with a different cover.  Some have the same cover – the benefit of being popular with the old is they forget what they bought and go buy it again.  Many a conversation has been had in HMV   ‘Mum you’ve got that one’, ‘no I haven’t dear’ …

Anyway, that’s over for another year!  I’m just praying to Santa that Andre Rieu hangs up his violin and retires to his castle in Holland.  Now that would cause a ruckus!



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    1. To be honest he is good. I wouldn’t choose to go on my own but to see the joy he brought to thousands in the arena was quite awesome. He seems to have a much younger following in Europe and Brazil and they love him to bits.

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      1. Yes I’ve seen some of his videos (at my inlaws house!) and that does seem to be the case. He’s definitely an entertainer extraordinarre – no doubt about that!

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  1. Old women can be very violent if you’re between them and where they want to be. Every couple of years I go to a lace fair, which you would think would be a pretty sedate affair, but no, if you’re innocently walking past the stall they want to get to they’d as soon go through you as round.

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