Woo Hoo!

Yippee, today is the Winter Solstice!   No I’m not an excited druid and didn’t go down to Stonehenge dressed in sackcloth at some ungodly hour this morning.

I’m excited because after today nights start getting lighter and we are on our way to Spring.  Someone please tell the daffodils in the garden to hang on for a bit because they shouldn’t be up until March.  This mild weather is confusing the heck out of all of us.


Anyhoo, enjoy your shortest day and Happy Solstice!

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  1. Yes! On our way back to spring!! Does Britain do the daylight saving time nonsense too? So goofy. Our neighbors next door in Arizona do not follow this useless tradition.

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      1. Absolutely! My info, right or wrong is that this nonsense began during WWII. And for farmers. In any case it serves zero purpose other than to annoy people these days.

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  2. It’s been a very strange weather pattern here in the Midwest. Normal temps are frigid and usually we have snow on the ground. This year it has been in the mid 60’s and some of my outside plants are starting to peek out their little heads as if to ask “is it time to wake up now?” As they haven’t had their winter nap!

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    1. Hi Simon – I keep willing them to slow down, the tulips will be next!! If the rains don’t wash them away I have a feeling snow will creep up on us suddenly and poof, Spring cancelled

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