You have it wrong Forrest Gump

Life is not like a box of chocolates.  Life is like a tube of toothpaste – to be precise, a pump action tube of toothpaste ..

A couple of weeks ago I decided to ‘shake up my world’ and buy a pump action toothpaste instead of the normal squeezy tube.  What I didn’t count on was the inability to see how much was left.  Like Life, no indication when the end is near ..


Now with the squeezy tube you can see with growing anticipation, I also know there is usually a bubble in the middle which ‘pops’ at some point leaving you less than you thought.  Even when it’s getting desperately close I’ve cut open the tube to scrape out the last smidge!  Go out on a high knowing you used up every last bit.

Apply similar thinking – rip off the wrapping!  Simple enough – 3 broken fingernails later and frustration growing ‘the bastards welded this on!!’

Which disgruntled ‘designer’ sat in a crappy corner of the universe and plotted, welding on a cover so tight we can’t see when the end is coming, unable to even scrape out the last smidge and go out on a high ..

Dedicated to Norma, who passed away unexpectedly last night


3 thoughts

  1. Sorry about your friend. If we could know when the end is near, what would our lives be like? How different we would all be.

    Send an email to the toothpaste company.

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