The Hopeful Gardener – the Joy starts

Happy New Year everyone!

My vision for this year – find the Joy and do lots of it!!

Today that started with a walk down to the greenhouse where the only sign of life (other than mould) is an avocado seedling.  I planted the stone a few months ago expecting nothing and I actually threw it out which is when I noticed it had sprouted a tiny stalk, I hurriedly popped it back in a plant pot and left it alone – it now has leaves!!  I’m dithering over leaving it there for Winter or bringing it inside – which would probably sign it’s death warrant due to my total inability to keep house plants alive.

Anyway, back to my trek down a very muddy garden to rescue an old biscuit tin that houses so much joy I’m buzzing like a bee on a buttercup. The aftermath of Pandora’s box, therein lies hope .. tiny seeds that will bring food and flowers in 2016.

If gardening isn’t your thing I totally understand – but you are missing a treat. You don’t know how great food can taste until you pull it from your own garden having lovingly tended to it (and cursed any bug that got there first!), to see little green leaves sprout up, then stand in the sunshine and fresh air and eat a tomato straight off the vine or a carrot freshly pulled from soil – hey it’s organic so a little dirt never hurt anyone!

It brings back memories of being in my great grandpa’s garden, watching him deadhead roses and collect potatoes for dinner ..

I’m now off to plant sweet pea seeds in the greenhouse and then snuggle up and dream of warmer days to come.

Have a great weekend everyone!




7 thoughts

  1. Love gardening – vegetables more than flowers. Browsing seed catalogs these past few days, a wonderful activity to kindle hope. All the best in 2016. —Chagall

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    1. Up to now flowers have been my main aim but this year I’m turning the bottom of the garden in to a veg and fruit garden. The fruit is already there but like you I’m currently planning what seeds to buy and how to build 3 raised beds to put them in. Best wishes to you for a fruitful year 🙂

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