Rain, Rain Go Away!

I am trying really hard to find the joy in rain.  ‘Look for the rainbow’ they say, jump in puddles blah, blah ..


I’ve had enough, enough of the damp and the cold, of washing down Harvey hound after every walk, of damp clothes lying around the house trying to dry out.  I’m damp to my bones!  Villages are flooding, businesses and homes ruined, lives washed away.

Enough already!!



5 thoughts

  1. That would have well and truly got me down too but here I am living in the driest city, in the driest state on the driest continent and right now, we’d LOVE your rain! (I’m sure that’s not helping one little bit, sorry!)

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    1. Hey Lucy, hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! Have you moved yet? We would gladly send you some rain, we are literally drowning in the stuff over here ..


      1. Thank you yes. Christmas and new year were slightly strange as the family is split up at the moment. Move is in process! We moved out of our home last week and I’m in a holding pattern until I move to Brisbane at the beginning of Feb. I’m trying to blog about it but lack of internet and time are holding me back!

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