The Sensual Being

Sensual – giving pleasure to the body and senses rather than the mind

Sensual often registers as sex, and it may play it’s part, but this post is not about sex. Neither is it about owning a beautiful face or perfect body.

We go to great lengths to educate, amuse and generally keep our Mind entertained.  It craves more and more attention like a spoilt child and we bend to it’s demands.  We constantly feed it in the hope it will quieten down at some point and give us peace.

Mind comes as part of a trio – Mind, Body & Spirit.  But like other trios (a BLT, Destiny’s Child, Charlie’s Angels) there’s always one third that grabs the limelight and Mind is it.

Part of my project Joy is to become more of a sensual being – tending to body and spirit via the senses.  To glide, twirl and shimmer. To feel the breeze play along bare skin, swirling through my hair and filling my senses with warm fragrance.  I’ve stomped through life, a slave to what needs doing, with pleasure and senses reserved for fleeting occasions and holidays.  Life has dulled me and made me brittle and this isn’t the vision I have for myself.  I need to soften the edges, allow myself to be playful.

What delights your senses is individual to you, male or female.  I thought about what brings out my sensual side ..

I enjoy being a woman.  For me that means taking care of my body, skin and hair and loving what I have rather than wishing for unachievable images.  Being single I can miss the human touch but enjoy languishing in a warm shower, slowly turning through the water, eyes closed, breathing in the steam and fragrant soap then wrapping up in a huge soft towel – almost as good as a hug.  I’ve come to enjoy spa treatments like reflexology – positive investments in self awareness.  They say touch is as necessary to a baby as food and water for it to grow and thrive. Perhaps we’ve forgotten how much a touch can calm, reassure, show love and concern for our adult selves.

I like to feel nourished which can be taking time to moisturise my skin, to make a simple healthy meal from scratch, do some yoga breathing or meditate.  Sitting quietly with eyes closed and feeling a warm orange light washing over me.  It starts at my feet and slowly moves it’s way up my body bathing it in warmth, filling voids left by loss and soothing scars left by life.  Listening to music can carry me to faraway beaches or mountains and streams.

Creating a calm, clean home – my sanctuary, my soft place to curl up or stretch languorously like a contented cat.  Tending a flower filled garden, full of fragrance, birds, butterflies and bees.   Growing my own food.  Build a fire and watch the dancing flames, smell woodsmoke, become sleepy in the warm glow.

I’m still working on opening my heart and leaving myself vulnerable but that’s part of me the human being.

Me the sensual being is ready to shine!


7 thoughts

  1. Lovely post and I feel the same way at the moment. It’s so important to be kind to ourselves, to nourish and nurture every part of us. Massage, music, touch, aromatherapy, meditation – all ways we can get in touch with ourselves. Shine on.

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    1. Thanks very much Mandy. I’m giving myself over more to ‘feeling’ rather than ‘thinking’. I know that might sound a bit ‘hippie-dippy’ but I started small like gently rubbing cream in to my hands, feeling it on my skin, smelling the fragrance, then doing the same with my feet. Start by feeling good about some areas and you can come to appreciate the whole You one step at a time. Be kind to yourself, you’ve earned it x

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