How to Let Go

There is a scene in the movie The Life of Pi where they finally reach land and the tiger jumps from the boat, walks down the beach and disappears in to the forest without a backward glance..

This is the point at which I burst in to tears, not because I find the story particularly moving but because my own furry feline friend was sitting curled up on my knee and I couldn’t help but wonder if she would do the same given the chance – walk off to freedom without a backward glance to say goodbye.   After 16 years of being together would her wild instincts be stronger than any bond I thought we had.

Yesterday I found a story about an amazing young woman who is sailing the oceans and her adventure with a cat who hopped onboard for part of the journey.  It’s a wonderful tale.


I’ve yet to learn how to let go.  My wonderful furry friend of 16 years passed away last year.  We did get chance to say goodbye but the hurt is still there.  I hope wherever she is she has found a warm spot in the sunshine where she can lay and doze to her heart’s content.


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    1. Thank you for the hug my friend, sending one back to you. It’s funny because I thought I was the one looking after her when all the time it seems it was the other way around. They leave a big gap don’t they xx


  1. I feel for you and can relate. I still think of my dear beloved Bluey who died years ago. The look he gave me when he walked away the last time is still with me today. Lovely post, oh and I loved The Life of Pi.

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  2. I have a 17 year old tomcat and a 10 year old Malamute. Each is showing signs of his advancing age. I am getting older too, and as I grow older I see death differently. Yes, I will grieve when they leave, as I have grieved those others who have gone before. But death is a part of life. I accept that, and try to move on much like the tiger.

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