Drawing Lines in Shifting Sand

Some believe life lessons are given to us so that we can learn from  errors in a past existence. If this is the case I’m hoping I can put it right this time round, if re-incarnation does exist I’d like a smoother ride in the next life!

I’ve drawn so many lines in the sand in an attempt to banish old damage, just to see all good intention erased by the slightest breeze.  New lessons bringing their own confusion and a succession of ‘fresh starts’, every minute a chance to begin all over again. It’s emotionally draining ..

Lately I’ve taken time to sit quietly looking off in to the distance and to a simpler life. I may sit here for a while longer yet, eyes and ears turned away from the chaos playing behind me.  I don’t know what the next move is but there’s no more drawing lines in shifting sands, no more ‘fresh starts’ and re-inventions.  Enough already.

I’m not hopeful of re-incarnation, or that I’ll ‘get my reward in Heaven’ – I’m not sure I’ll be heading in that direction!  I can only hope that the next time a lesson blows in on the breeze I have my feet firmly rooted on the ground and my kite ready ..


String of Kites by Rob Huntley
String of Kites by Rob Huntley


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    1. Hey John! I’m having interesting times, an old spectre raised it’s ugly head which I could have done without but plans are afoot to contain it in it’s box. How are you doing my friend? x

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      1. I am sorry to hear this Deb, in the same boat here in some sense too. Use my contact form, I can fill you in, I want to hear your stuff if you are willing.

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  1. I’m tired of all the re-invent yourself stuff as well, Deb. Everyone else seems to always have the answers, you know? Kite flying sounds good to me! Pick a beach on a day when the wind is just right, and I will meet you there! 🙂

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  2. I’m doing good if I can just find the freaking sand, let alone draw any lines! Damn!! It’s GOT to ease up sometime, right? Nurse Kelly is right, everyone else seems to have the answers..why does it have to be so difficult?!

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    1. Deb I think very few people have ‘the answers’, most don’t even know what the questions are! Lets just make it up as we go along and try and have a laugh somewhere along the way. I don’t know why Life has to be so confusing, I’m sure this wasn’t the plan 🙂 xx

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