A Letter to Barak

Dear Barak,

It was so nice of you to pop in to Britain to wish Her Maj happy birthday.  I hope you enjoyed your tea and cake.  I’m sure it’s a busy time for you at the moment clearing out the office in time for your retirement.

We’ve had some adventures together over the years – a couple of world wars and a few scrapes in the desert.  Remember when no-one else wanted to come play with you but we came along to keep you company and watched your back.  These were the same countries you now admire so much and want to be chums with ..

We’re quite alike really even though you’re way across there on the other side of the pond.  We like to think we can run our own show and get grumpy when the neighbours trample on our lawn and start telling us how it’s going to be.

I’m still undecided if we should move out of the EU neighbourhood and tell Brussels to get stuffed, but your  not so veiled threats of ending up at the ‘back of the queue’ begging for favours from you have me a tad vexed.  If there’s one thing Brits are good at and that’s queuing!

Whatever ‘special relationship’ we had with you is obviously over and we’ve been crossed off the White House Christmas card list but not to worry, we got this far in the last 2000 years and I’m sure we’ll get by without you, and Brussels come to that, should WE decide that’s the way to go.

Say Hi to the wife and kids and safe journey home x



9 thoughts

  1. Hi Deb! Wow, I totally agree with you here. Obama is an idiot, as far this this guy is concerned I have not had a president in WashinKton for the last eight years. He is a menace to America and to the world at large yet what do we have to choose from coming up soon? A millionaire who is unqualified on so many levels for President, and a woman who I see as no less than Socialist at minimum. In our sorry economy, may continue to vote for the candidate that will dole out the best handouts. Sickening. Hence, Obummer was twice elected.

    I am embarrassed by this guy in a big way. Britain, please forgive us for this nonsense. I read several articles on the Queen’s birthday, so interesting. God bless her! Good to see you here Deb. X

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    1. I did quite like him, he seemed a decent chap. I don’t know if he’s any good at his job, from your message perhaps not, but he’d say he wanted to do all sorts of good things but the senate/congress blocked him at every turn – welcome to our world!! At least it’s your own countrymen blocking you and not a conglomerate of other countries sticking their nose in which is our issue with the EU. Had he just shown interest it wouldn’t have been so bad but it was the threat of not being worthy of keeping trade agreements and having to go to the back of the queue and wait 10 years before the US government would talk to us that set the Brits against him. Anyway, hope you are ok John and life is being kind to you my friend x

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  2. #justsaying. Love it Debs just about sums up how the majority of us felt after Barak’s words of advice for all us simple British folks!!

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    1. Such a hypocrite, he wouldn’t accept an outside force treating the US that way but we are just suppose to accept it or be banished to the wilderness. His comments are hard to take when you think the world has kicked our ass for supporting US actions in the past, what a friend he turned out to be. I wish our infrastructure was stronger and we could stick 2 fingers up to the EU and go it alone but I’m not sure we are strong enough these days to fly solo x


  3. Obama has been a disaster for the United States. He has abandoned many allies. He made ties and/or defended regimes that have no respect for human rights. I could go on and on. Britain, Eurpore, and the rest of the world will do well without this courageless loser. Unfortunately, we Amercicans have to put up with him for another 6 months.

    Happy weekend. Great post.

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