A Lovely Day

Been working hard in the garden these last few weeks painting fences and building a veg bed from scrap wood I found at work.   I also turned an old display rack they were throwing away in to a place to grow salad leaves.  Finally things are starting to sprout and I ate the first of this year’s home grown produce this morning – I was feeling a little bit proud of myself I must admit.

I’m also a bit obsessed with the wisteria that’s finally flowered – I thought it was going to be a disaster after watching pigeons eat most of the buds but luckily the ones they couldn’t reach have been fabulous – four years of waiting has all been worthwhile!!

Today was a lovely day – hope you enjoyed your’s xx

10 thoughts

  1. I love your garden! I never knew what the plant was called that I love to see and its your wisteria. It took 4 years for it to bloom?!
    Your photos are great too!

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