Hi Dad ..

Hi Dad,

We’ve not spoken in a while, hope you are ok.   There’s some crazy stuff happening down here, not sure you can tune in where you are but maybe have a peek if you can.

I’ve figured out how to use some of your tools and managed to build myself a veg bed in the garden –  only lost  skin off one finger but no lasting damage!  You’d be proud of me as it didn’t cost a penny, I ‘rescued’ the wood from a skip at work!  I wish we’d had time for you to show me more as there’s so much I want to do.  Possibly you heard me cursing when I tried to mend the fruit cage and fell in to the raspberries – sorry for the language ..

I walk round my garden and you left your mark at every corner – the frame we built together has wisteria growing over it now and this year it flowered beautifully, no thanks to the pigeons who ate half the buds.

I’m working in the local garden centre and can’t help but smile and think of you when I hear the old guys complaining about how expensive everything is.  They are giving me tips on how to grow my veg and sweet peas and are still trying to convince me to grow chrysanthemums like you did – not going to happen until earwigs stop using them as hotels!

Anyway, it’s Father’s Day today and I just wanted to drop in and say how much I love and miss you.  I’ll update you on news the next time I’m wandering round the roses and perhaps we can sit a while and figure out how I’m going to make a fence from the rest of my scrap wood!!

Love and hugs  xx


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  1. I am positive your dad was helping you as you built the veg bed! I’ve had help from above on many occasions while doing difficult tasks, and there is no other explanation than help from above. 🙂

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