Democracy – doesn’t mean you get what you want

My old boss use to say – you have the democratic right to air your views and make your wants and needs known .. but it doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want.

EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has a similar viewpoint –  “There is no democratic choice against the European treaties”

We are currently a nation whose youth think everyone over the age of 50 have stolen their future.  Whose prime minister has taken his bat and ball in because, having given us the right to choose, the majority didn’t agree with him.  Whose capital city is considering joining Scotland and becoming ScotLond ..

People are outraged that their holidays may cost more, ex-pats living on the continent may have to pay for healthcare and sobbing mothers are devastated their babies won’t be able to grow up to work and travel through Europe.  There’s now a petition to make us vote again to see if we can get a different result!!

Whatever you voted for last week, democracy won and you can’t keep re-running it until the minority get what they want.  We all know politicians lie or at least spin the truth in an attempt to get us on side and knowing this we all voted as we saw fit. I watched all the debates (which didn’t help) and in the end went with my heart and what I saw happening in the world around me. When you take away someone’s ability to make decisions they either come out fighting for their beliefs or become compliant and frankly lay down and slowly wither. That I believe is what happened to this country within the EU, we lay down and withered and lost the impetus to be free thinking, innovative people – what’s the point when all you got from Brussels was ‘no you can’t’.

I’m not a flag-waver or a monarchist, I’m a Brit and a European and I want the freedom to be both these things.  But I also want us to grow a backbone, become strong again and flourish in the World so we can not only help ourselves but to carry on helping others. This truly is a case of put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help others. We were fading away. Young people are up in arms because somehow they now feel their freedom and opportunities to live and work abroad has been taken away – no it hasn’t!! You can still do it – and if it meant that much to you why didn’t ALL of you get up and walk to the polling booths and use your vote because you may have made all the difference.  And this is what I’m talking about – our youth are withering under the state our nation is in. We use to be a beacon of education and what are we now, do other countries clamour for our educated youth to come join them or have other nations young people become the frontrunners?  Despite what you think, I voted for You because I voted for a stronger Britain, a Britain that needs to give you a better education and the chance to go out in to the World (not just Europe) better prepared and ready to blow their minds with your brilliance.

For many (not me) I feel this was a ‘f**k you’ vote to politicians and Brussels. No-one was listening when we tried to have a sensible conversation about fears and feelings, ‘oh it’s only the Brits having another gripe, they’ll shut up and get back in their box’. Well we didn’t, we not only didn’t get back in the box but we ripped it up and kicked it down the street so now we are left with nowhere to hide. This is a time when we can get a grip and now start to build something again that we can all be happy with. And by ‘all’ I mean everyone living and working in this country, we are all here, we are all going through it together, we all have a voice and all have something to offer .. people are listening now.  How devastating it had to come to this before they did ..


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  1. I love this post!! What I saw reading it is that English youth are the same as American youth – they believe they have absolute entitlement to everything. Handed to them. Free. And that just isn’t the truth. I am very proud of England for taking the first steps to kicking the EU to the curb.

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    1. I don’t blame them, we’ve let this go on for too long and we’ve failed them. Now someone has to make amends before we lose another generation of potential. Becoming a nanny state helps no-one flourish.

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  2. The most thoughtful discussions about referendums (okay, referenda) that I’ve read lately–and not just about the British one, but about the way they work in a few U.S. states–go into the problem of how well informed voters are. Or, more accurately, aren’t. As I understand it, Oregon has introduced a neutral body that researches referendum issues and reports to voters on the arguments for and against, so people go into it with a reliable (at least as long as the system doesn’t get hijacked) source of information. This referendum was remarkable for its absence of sane debate and actual facts.

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    1. I agree, people were not well informed of either consequence. But again, if you care enough then you go dig out as much information for yourself as you can before putting your cross in the box. I think for many it was either stick with what we’ve had, why rock the boat or ‘we’ll show the ******s’. Neither a good reason to act on

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      1. I was left with the impression that a lot of people really had no idea where to start in digging out information–it’s just not a skill most people learn as they move along the school factory assembly line. I’m in love with what I’ve read about the Oregon referendum process. Although, I admit, I haven’t gone on and dug out any additional information on it. Oops.

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