Hola Chums!

Well my Summer gig at the garden centre has now come to an end and before I start my next foray in to looking for meaningful employment I could really do with a holiday!  Who knew looking after plants could be so exhausting.  The good news is I’ve lost weight from all the activity, bad news is none of my clothes fit – except a bikini bought a few years ago when I had the romantic notion of being able to wear it on some exotic beach (and had the money to get me there!).

So I’m full of wanderlust and itching to pack my passport (and said bikini) and head out in search of adventure.   My current yearning is for Majorca and the pine covered mountains of Deia and Pollensa.  I’ve been before to this lovely island and it never disappoints.

Leave behind the resorts packed with Europe’s partygoers, their beaches crowded by those sleeping off a night of excess.  Instead head onwards and upwards for the North West coast where stone built villages cling precariously to the cliffs.  Where the warm air smells of cypress and orange trees, and a date for dinner is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach with a front row seat at sunset ..


A return visit to Majorca is just what I need.  Now where’s that bikini ..


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  1. Haha, Deb! Hope you have a great trip! I have a strand of pearls from Majorca, but didn’t make it to the island when I lived in Madrid finishing school. Other students went though, and raved about its beauty. Someday… 🙂

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