The Numbing Danger of ‘Comfortable’

A risk free life of comfort sounds very appealing .. but then where’s the fun in that!

Life is full of uncomfortable moments – asking for help, interviewing for a job, talking to that lovely guy in the supermarket.  I could just avoid them all but I think this is where I’ve been missing out on so many opportunities.  Perhaps I just need a bit of practice in how to get out of my comfort zone and deal with it.

I wanted to do something where I wouldn’t humiliate myself in public, nothing more likely to squash your motivation than failing in front of an audience.  So the task I’ve set myself is a 30 day challenge – 30 days of taking a cold shower.  Ok I know that sounds pathetic but if I explain my two pet hates are to be cold and to be wet (I live in England!) then the combination of the two are about as uncomfortable as I could be.

My first 3 days have had me screaming obscenities (which strangely helps) and dancing around in the shower like a wild thing, the dog’s not sure what to make of it and hopefully the neighbours can’t hear (no steam so no open window).  There is science to the madness, the jolt makes you gasp for breath (no sh*t!) which fills you with oxygen.  Once you start to concentrate on slow deep breathing you become calm and actually it takes your mind off the fact your bum has turned blue – so that’s a good thing then ..

It’s about arming yourself with the tools to combat discomfort every day – and it feels so darned good when you get out!

They tell me it also increases metabolic rate, immunity and blood circulation so I’m expecting to come out of this looking like Gisele!

If you are interested then google ‘cold shower benefits’ and you will find plenty of crazy people like me breathing their way out of the comfort zone and in to a new energy.

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