Midweek Meandering

For some time now my camera has sat forlorn and gathering dust.  Each time I catch sight of it my heart skips a beat .. not in a good way.  I’ve lost my mojo, which is unfortunate because I want to enter an exhibition in the next few weeks and I need some new material.  Once again I’m getting overwhelmed by the technicalities instead of just picking the darned thing up and taking some shots.

Finally this morning I decided to blow the cobwebs off it and go in to town to see what inspiration I could find.  I sat for an eternity pondering on what lens to take and should I take the tripod and in the end I threw everything in to a bag and left on my mini adventure.

Forgetting it’s still the school holidays I hit town on ‘beach day’.   The whole place was teaming with overexcited kids and getting a camera out amongst this lot was not a good idea so I beat a hasty retreat!

I went to find a coffee shop a friend had recommended, run by a couple of New Zealanders and serving the best coffee in town she told me.  I wandered past the university campus and down towards what was the industrial district where the silversmiths, in their heyday, had their workshops.  Most of them now house parts of the university or have been turned in to student accommodation – Sheffield was known as Steel City but now it’s Student City!  Searching for this coffee place did take me down some unfamiliar back streets which turned out to be a delight when I came across some fabulous art that had been painted on the side of buildings

Tamper Coffee was a welcome sight after all this wandering about with a backpack full of photographic gear.  I’d hit the place at lunchtime and it was extremely busy but there was also plenty of very attentive waiting staff and I was whisked off to a table and provided with water and a menu.  My tummy rumbled as food whisked past me on the way to hungry diners, it looked yummy but I was only there for a drink however I would definitely be returning!  Housed in what had been an old silversmith’s workshop the place kept the industrial theme with bare brick walls and original features.  Great atmosphere, a real buzz coming from staff and diners alike.  The sort of place you’d expect to find in Seattle or Vancouver – loved it!!

I dropped in to a couple of art galleries on the way back to the car.  I’ve lived locally all this time and not realised how arty Sheffield has become.  The place is full of galleries, museums, theatres.  There’s currently an exhibition throughout the city in aid of the local children’s hospital.  A herd of 58 elephant sculptures are dotted around the city and donations go towards decorating the hospital wards making a brighter environment to aid recovery of sick children

Inspiration was everywhere, I forgot about the technicalities and just shot for the pure fun of it.   Best of all I’ve had a smile on my face all day – thank you Sheffield!!

7 thoughts

  1. Haven’t been to Sheffield for years -probably at least twenty years ago. I’m sure it’s changed a lot and your photos are wonderful. In fact would love to have joined you in Tamper Coffee to ask for advice on ‘grown ups’ cameras. I’ve decided it’s time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lucy, what a small World! It has changed a great deal, it likes to think it’s in competition with Leeds so is constantly upping it’s game. Tamper was fab although I bet you have some great coffee houses where you are. Not sure I’d be much help with the grown ups camera advice, I keep seeing all the wonderful images kids are taking with their phones and wondering if it’s worth lugging the big stuff around. I do enjoy the challenge though .. most of the time 🙂


  2. I love the horse and rider and the elephants! I had a look online (Firefox has a reverse-image search add on, so it was easy to search via one of your photos) for the wall art and found this which has some of the names of the artists and their sites (most graffitti artists, but not all): http://sheffieldstreetart.tumblr.com
    Good luck with the exhibition. Best to just ‘go for it’, I find! 🙂

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    1. Thanks very much Val! I’ve had a look on the site and found both artists – plus a lot more fabulous work that I didn’t know about. I didn’t know you could search for things that way so double thank you 🙂

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