Making an Exhibition of Myself

Some years ago I felt the need to be more artistic,  I’m unsure why because up until then there’d been no sign that I had an artistic bone in my body.  Perhaps it was the dreamy vision of living in Provence, floating round lavender fields in a caftan waving a paintbrush at canvass.  My painting ‘style’ is abstract, mainly because I have no sense of scale or talent to draw so they all turn out looking like they were left in the rain – hey some people have made a fortune out of it!  Sadly I’m not one of them ..

So giving up on that particular genre I bought a camera.  It’s a running joke in my family that all my holiday photos were ‘here’s one end of the beach, oh and there’s the other end’.  A variety of people with far more talent have tried to enlighten me on the mysteries of the camera but technicalities aren’t my strong point, I’ve yet to find my strong point but I’m working on it.

With that in mind, I recently entered 3 photos for an exhibition at Thoresby Hall Gallery and to my amazement they were picked for display.   Thoresby Hall is a fabulous place, a grade 1 listed 19th-century country house currently being used as a hotel & spa.   Today I went for a visit – and to make sure they weren’t just having a laugh ..


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      1. Hi Deb! Yes, doing good here. Been working my part-time job and liking my new apartment. My Blood Pressure went nuts, saw my GP yesterday and got that under control. Nice to see you, hope things are good your way. ❤️😀


    1. I’ve decided to get out of my own way, give up the mediocre and set sail for an adventure – not literally set sail, I hate boats!! Thanks for the motivating support. How are your dreams coming along, any nearer to that yoga teacher training? x

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