This gave me a warm glow on a cold, damp September day (love the video too.. )

What Would Denmark Do?

It’s been said plenty of times that words have the power to change the world and there’s one Scandinavian export that is living up to this old saying.

I’m referring here to the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘ho-gah’), a term loosely translating to ‘cosy’, but in reality meaning so much more.

Hygge is everything in Denmark. From cosy cafes, to pastries, to spending time with loved ones on the weekend. It is a word that encourages people to take pleasure in the simple things in life, to truly appreciate their surroundings and value time spent with their loved ones.

As Danes hibernate for the winter, hygge becomes even more important as it is a way of brightening up the cold, dark wintery days. Whether it be a hot chocolate by the fire or lighting candles over the dinner table, hygge brightens up the Danish house hold.

And in line with the…

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