Creating Christmas Sparkle

Amongst the great pleasures at Christmas time are the different lights – candles, twinkly fairy lights, the glow of an open fire.  All creating that cosy festive feeling and mellow atmosphere.  I wanted to capture some of this in a photograph, which can be a bit challenging in low winter light.

In the photograph below I was aiming to take advantage of what bit of daylight there was to create a warm glow from the wine and candle

So on a late Winter’s afternoon I gathered together my props –

  • Candle
  • Carafe and glass along with the wine

  • Clementines with leaves attached

  • Small wooden table

  • Portrait painting

  • Match holder with matches

The light was already fading – time to get out the tripod as it was unlikely I could get an in focus shot holding the camera by hand.

I moved the table nearer to the window and rotated the props around until I was happy with the composition.  My main focus was the glass and catching the light through the wine.

I shot through the branches of the Christmas tree looking to give the picture a bit more depth.  The view in the background wasn’t great so I hoped to make some of it less prominent  in post production.

Having taken a few shots I transferred them in to Lightroom.  I brought the exposure down and added a vignette to focus more on the central props – candle, glass and fruit. The adjustment brush brought back light to the fruit and other areas needing a bit of a pop.

Things I would have done differently – not hidden the painting ..  and taken more leaves off the fruit!




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      1. It would be much nicer if I had someone to spend time with here. There’s always something Christmassy going on…


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