Thoughts at Twilight

originally posted on my photography site 

Being born and brought up in cold (and usually fairly damp) England the longing to move to a warmer country is strong.  The fragrant hills in the South of France, the rugged coastline of North Majorca.  I’d spend my days wafting through perfumed gardens with a glass of wine in my hand and relishing the warm sun on my pale and frozen English body.

Last night as sleep evaded me yet again, I started to question if I could adapt to this fantasy life I’ve longed for.  After dragging ourselves through a long, grey Winter and Spring, Britain has now turned in to the hotspot of Europe with weeks of blazing sun and not a raindrop insight.  Even mad dogs and Englishmen are reluctant to go outside.

I’ve resorted to fighting the dog for the shadiest spot in the house where there may be a hint of a breeze – I’m not adverse to lying on the tiled floor if Harveyhound would just move over a bit

Photographing gardens and flowers is challenging in this blinding light so the choice is getting up at 4 am to catch the dawn, or waiting til twilight.  So twilight it is then ..

3 thoughts

    1. Almost ashamed to complain about the heat considering the temperatures you must get on a regular basis. Hey but we’re British, what would we talk about if it wasn’t for the weather! I wish the cliff photo was one of mine but I ‘borrowed’ that one from Pinterest x


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