A Kinder Clean


For some time now I’ve had a personal passion against palm oil.  Along with that, the fight against plastic is never-ending and so I made a challenge for myself to see if I could finally have a home which was free from palm oil (food, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners), and no throwaway plastics.

I’ll admit it’s not easy even when motivated as palm oil now seems to be in everything unless you make your own food and cleaners/toiletries from scratch.  Palm oil isn’t always that easy to spot either and seems to have many guises according to this list

When it came to looking for an alternative for toiletries I found a company called All Natural Soap Co. who make handmade soap in the UK – including one to be used as shampoo (which smells divine).  All packaged in compostable wrappings so no waste. Win win!



I wasn’t sure which face/body soaps to try so it was handy that they do tester boxes of smaller sized bars.  You get to choose, I went for

Gentle Goat’s Milk

Oatmeal Smoother

Seaweed Spa Refiner

Shea Luxury


It’s a small start, making my own toothpaste is next.

Every little helps, and if you would like more information this site has some interesting advice on how to avoid palm oil and plastics.


* this article was based purely on personal choice and not a paid promotion

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    1. I know, how confusing is this! Presumably it’s to put consumers off the trail by calling it something else – which in itself seems to show that the whole business is underhand. The majority of the info on it seems to be coming from Australia, where alternative eco companies are supporting palm oil and plastics free products – so thank you Oz, we are going to have to start shouting louder over this side of the globe x


  1. That list of alternative names is truly shocking and does indeed make the industries using palm oil look underhand/downright dishonest.

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    1. Isn’t it, makes you want to give up but then I suppose that is what the industry is hoping for. Considering all the products (food, toiletries etc) that now contain palm oil, should some terrorist group want to take over the world all they would have to do is contaminate palm oil and we would be goners ..

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      1. Maybe we need to make more things of our own – I’ve occasionally seen books on making cosmetics , soaps etc. For cleaning around the house I try to use a mix of vinegar and water because I have cats and some chemicals in cleaners are likely to be toxic to them. It works well!

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  2. Great idea, vinegar seems to have a multitude of good uses. Household cleaners are next on my list, currently using an eco brand but still not convinced it’s palm oil free even though it says ‘earth-friendly’ .. which I’m quickly learning means nothing!!


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