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Since the highlighting of the refugee crisis and reading Suzie’s very moving post, I’ve been catching up on people’s thoughts and comments.  As one avenue leads to another, you find something else that hits close to home.

I’m not on twitter but while I was reading Austin on the Modern Philosopher I saw a twitter feed to insidethelifeofmoi and another very poignant post on refugees (images may cause some distress but you will have seen them already).  Amongst the many comments on there was one from someone who has started a blog chronicling stories of the homeless where she lives – invisibleinVancouver.  Frankly her own story left me aghast at the cruelty that can be metered out to others.  Her aim is to try and give support through food and contact with the homeless in Vancouver – one person doing a remarkable thing for local people and I wish her love and support.  Also on there, I read about another person who mentioned they were cooking meals for their neighbours 3 doors away as they had nothing to eat ..

I looked nearer to home to see what, if anything, was happening in my area and saw a video on Adam Smith a Leeds chef who has started The Real Junk Food Project   the success of which has grown across the UK (there are 2 cafes local to me I knew nothing about).  He collects food past it’s ‘best before’ date from local restaurants and shops and uses it in his cafes to provide meals for anyone – you can either pay a contribution or give voluntary time/skills if you can’t afford to pay.

Adam did a TEDtalk on his project Let’s Really Feed the World      – three and a half minutes in to the talk he mentions BBC Children in Need and a cupcake challenge they did for the charity event to help less fortunate kids.  Fifteen thousand wrapped cupcakes sitting on the floor of an aircraft hanger no-one wanted to come and clean up – they were heading for the waste bin!  Adam’s team went and picked them up and distributed them through their cafes, within 24 hours they were all eaten.

I saw the below picture and googled Social Bite and came upon a small company in Scotland with 4 sandwich shops doing their bit for the local homeless – offering food, and for some, employment ..

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen has started a community restaurant where locals can gather, eat good food and have chance to meet their neighbours.  You can either pay a donation for your meal or volunteer time.

The World needs food and nourishment, for the soul as well as the body, and local people have started supporting their neighbours.  When we can start to support those around us then perhaps we’ll feel we can widen the hug and embrace all ..


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  1. Thank you for this post. It’s important to keep spreading awareness that there are people suffering out there who need our help. Let’s hope we can all remove out heads from out of the sand long enough to show some compassion and support to those who need it. Your post give me hope that there are people who genuinely care!

    Some great posts features here, all inspiring. Thank you, also, for mentioning mine. It means a lot.

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    1. You’re welcome, and thanks very much for your comments. I came across your site after seeing it on Austin’s (Modern Philosopher) tweet and thought your post was very moving. I admit I was one of those with their head in the sand because everywhere you look there are stories of tragedy and I emotionally ‘bailed out’ for a while. It was a wake up call for me and possibly others and as I read through the many comments you had from your post I could see what people were doing in their local community and started to look more closely at things happening nearer to home. I somewhat naively thought because it wasn’t on my doorstep then the situation couldn’t be that bad and I didn’t have to think about it too much. You don’t have to look too far to find people in need and there is help you can give. Thank you for kick starting my conscience.

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    1. It was a pleasure, Amanda’s post was very poignant and quite rightly stirred up much comment and thought. Good to see evidence of folk over here caring enough to do something big or small as I think the rest of the World believe we are sat with our eyes closed and our fingers in our ears. Thanks Awesome 🙂

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